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Main dishes

Beef pieces with parmigiano cheese and rucola 160g / 48 zł
Beef sirlion with foie gras and truffles 160g / 65 zł
Fiorentina beefsteak (as per the weight) 100g / 17 zł
Veal escalops with garlic and wild mushrooms 140g / 40 zł
Ossobuco with risotto 350g / 43 zł
Pork sirloin with apple and figs 140g / 36 zł
Baked lamb cutlets with wild mushrooms and goat cheese 160g / 58 zł
Duck breasts with figs in honey sauce 140g / 40 zł
Stewed rabbit with vegetables and lasagneta with chanterelles 250g / 52 zł
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